Jan 23

Work place becoming a battlefield, and my Japanese Class is having its Shinnenkai Party this Saturday with me as the MC and being in a skitch. Don’t even have time for Suikoden 2 at the moment.

I Just managed to watch all the crucial animes which piled up the past 2 days. Gundam 00 ep15 was INTENSE, and I don’t care what others say but I love this series a LOT! I just watched ep01 and 02 of ARIA The ORIGINATION. It still gives me the same peaceful yet exciting feeling of the previous ARIA episodes, so I’m quite thrilled. The Ending song is pretty weird though, but not enough to hate, haha. Shana and TsuChro Revelations are also progressing in good directions, stories finally unfolding.

Oh, I also just watched Minami-ke Okawari ep01… it’s… weird… since an anime’s OP and ED songs leave a big impact on me, Okawari’s songs just made a weird anime weirder. O_o It just doesn’t feel the same as the first season, the characters and their personalities are the same and all, but somehow it’s just like a parallel universe, something is just different. The art? the style? Wakanne… And the ED song PV is as interesting as Mai-Otome’s ED song PV… 😉

ARIA and Gundam 00, want more now! XD

Yabai, it’s almost 4am! Wonder why I’m so talkative today… Anyway, here’s some omiyage’s before i sleep:
Clannad 15!!
Minami-ke Okawari HD 02!!
Shigofumi DVD 03
Naruto Shippuuden 044
Persona -trinity soul- HD 02
Youre Under Arrest – Full Throttle 12
Bleach 157
Kimikiss Pure Rouge 15!!
Wolf and Spice 03!!
Gunslinger Girl – Il Teatrino 03
Shigofumi HD 02
Hatenkou Yugi 03
Shugo Chara! 15
Shion no Ou HD 12
Kirarin Revolution 45
Moyashimon HD 07-11 (Owari!)
Clannad DVD 12
Ayakashi 03
Shion no Ou 12

written by Black Waltz

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  1. Nunuhaza Says:

    could there be a chance that all updates, would be posted on a new post with the date on instead of posting one on 1 day and adding to it for almost a whole week? its a bit hard to catch up with out knowing which ones i missed, on which day.

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