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Black Waltz – blackwaltz[anti-sp@m)boontan.net
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Where are the Animes?
Calm down. Boontan started out open to random browsers, but this is no longer true. You need to create an account (free) if you haven’t already,  and log in. You will then see the anime tab.

Does this site support download managers?

How do I download?
It’s very simple here. If your browser is just showing the list of titles (this is the ideal configuration), click on the title of interest to you to get the list of episode links. You can either click normally at this point to download via your browser,

right-click >> copy link location >> and then paste in your download manager (flashget,etc.)

Some download managers will plug into your browser, such as the Free Download Manager. In this case, right clicking will show you the option to use your download manager. Set properly, a download manager is definitely your best option to get the most of any direct download site such as this.

Please set your download manager to 2 connections only! That is the official limit of the free section. Trying to create more will result in temporary banning from the site (no more than a couple of hours, but still).

1. If you cannot see the link, try another browser, such as Firefox (or Safari). Firefox was and still is the browser that will give you best results here at Boontan, though Chrome presently seems to work equally well. But you should be able to use any mainstream browser option. Support for IE has improved greatly.
2. The list of download links clicking a title gives you is compiled, not hard coded, and the links expire after a little bit, so if you made a list and then left it a while, you might have to do it again.
3. Be sure your browser is set to accept cookies, or, if you don’t want your browser set this way for some reason, that the address boontan.net is in the exceptions list, set to Allow. Not all cookies are as benign and wonderful as ours, so you might prefer the second option. But be sure to use one of them.

Does this site support resume?
YES! Our admins have managed to create this option. To date, resume is availabe and functions properly with most or all download managers. However, note that this is only supported for download managers. Not your browser.
– Once more: 2 connections only! Getting banned in the middle of a spree to acquire your latest anime of interest is no fun, so pay attention to that one when setting your download manager. No more than two downloads at a time. If it is an accelerator, know that each ‘section’ for a download is its own connection. One download with two sections, or two with one. That is your limit. Unless, of course, you donate! (the limit for the archives is five)

I want to download Bleach/One Piece/any other anime over fifty two episodes/ but I can only find the last twenty or so episodes. What gives?
The free anime section is governed not by number of titles, but by amount of disk space allotted to it. Long running anime like these would completely wreck this scheme if they were put there whole. As such, only the latest fifteen to thirty episodes are kept in the free section along with, if applicable, the most recent movie. All the rest are moved to the archives. You’ll have to pay to get them. See below.

A series I want is not there and/or there are odd gaps and/or an episode I know is available is not there. Who do I shoot?
Shooting us is a pretty good way to guarantee the problem won’t be solved, so my first bit of advice is to put the shotgun away where you won’t be tempted. Now, first of all, the free section mostly contains currently running and recently completed series. As the disk space limit is approached, the oldest titles there are moved to Archives. If the series you want is indeed ongoing, you can certainly ask a staff member about it, and the best way to do that is to either put a comment on a post by an admin (starfi3ld or Black Waltz, preferably), or to use the emails addresses given above. Know that any review post is not a good place to post such a complaint, as I do not handle these things. Any other kind of post should work for you though. Be aware that Boontan maintains a SFW standard, and some anime, despite not being officially categorized as such, are well over the line by western standards. If your title is one of these, don’t bother asking, it’s probably been removed on purpose. Odd gaps or episodes you think we should have should most definitely be reported, but POLITELY!! We have lives other than this site, believe it or not, and while we do strive to satisfy, things happen. Be nice. A more detailed explanation of how to and how not to request help can be found further below.

The download keeps stopping/slowing down/shows a 404 error. Why?
The problem is more likely to be on your side, so please check first. If it is slowing down dramatically, it could simply be a bottleneck – you are far from the only downloader, and the sites bandwidth is only what the donations can pay for. Welcome to the reality of free sites. If it is stopping, you might be using too many connections. Sometimes things go down a bit because somewhere back there, an admin is making an update. Don’t report such a problem unless it has continued for at least an hour, more likely two or three hours. You should also check if other users are experiencing the problem or not on the chatbox. It could also be your modem or your isp, as the server should be able to serve connections 24/7 unless the load gets too high. Please check the modem. You might need a new one. If it is a 404 error, first thing should be to try to reload the page or close and re-open the list of download links, in case some connection or cookie has expired. You could also try, 1) restarting your browser 2)updating it 3)clearing the cache. Or check the cookie settings.

Where are the forums?
Boontan used to have forums. Then we didn’t. Then we did. Now we don’t again. So don’t drive yourself crazy looking for them (alternatively, if you have found them, then you have gone crazy looking for them and are now hallucinating. Our apologies. We accept no legal responsibility. Contact a shrink.)

Why has my comment been changed/deleted?
All staff members empowered to post have ‘editing’ privileges – they can change or delete comments at will. While they will of course not do so whimsically, there are certain standards and rules of content that can bring this fate on your head.

Commenting Do Nots: Boontan Entire.
Certain levels of abuse, language, or profanity are not tolerated on this site. There is no distinction drawn between staff and community: these are the enforced standards of interaction. Violations of them – the standards are pretty much in keeping with sensible restraint – will result in either deletion or changes made, anywhere. Repeated violations can get you banned.

Commenting Do Nots: Reviews.
The comments option is there so you can express your opinion. However, understand that there is a difference between expressing your opinion of the anime and expressing your opinion of the review or reviewer. This does not refer to expressing an extremely opposed opinion. It refers to the difference between stating that ‘I found it totally boring and have no idea what’s supposed to be good about it’ and saying that ‘It was totally boring and I have no idea what you thought was so good about it’. One says that there is someone who thinks the anime is terrible; this is find, not to mention inevitable. The other says that there is something wrong with anyone who thinks otherwise. Critical distinction, and one that will result in comment alteration. Alternate ratings, i.e saying an anime is a three out of five or a one, is also not welcome. This makes it into a ‘counter review’, which is only allowed to other reviewers.

In addition, please be aware that our sole review writer – me – is neither admin nor uploader nor web troubleshooter extraordinaire. Do not post ‘help me’ comments of any kind under reviews, not because I don’t care, but because it is a waste of time: I can’t help you. Or, if I can, it means anyone on the chat probably could have as well.

Commenting Do Nots: Shoutbox.
Besides for emphasizing the above stated restrictions of abuse of others, foul language, and profanity – all of which happen much easier here and can get you banned anywhere from one day, one week, to forever – one other restriction applies: spoilers. SPOILERS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE SHOUTBOX! It is highly unfair to all other people visiting the site to have the high part of some anime they have not yet watched written in plain sight. However, there is a technique available to allow it fairly, since discussing an anime without spoilers can be awkward (credit goes to Maximus for coming up with this). If you check the ‘help’ box under the posting box, you will find instructions for various types of code supported by the box, i.e. italics. You will also find instructions for colored text. If you want to make a post containing spoilers, precede the relevant part of your post with the tag SPOILER [name of anime], and then use the code for white text. The resulting post will only be readable by highlighting it: people will be able to choose whether or not to read, which neatly circumvents the problem. Be sure to include the name of the anime in the warning tag. Any spoiler post either not using this technique or incorrectly applying it, however, will be deleted on sight.

How come the animes don’t play (properly)?
Corrupted files are a constant bane and threat when downloading anything at all. However, they more often occur in the process of downloading, rather than being corrupt at the source. However, even that does not happen all that often. More likely, you simply need to update your computer’s codecs, or install them outright. Installing one of several excellent freeware players could also do the trick for you.

For Mac users: The best route, as far as we can determine, is to use this custom version of MPlayer. After installing and launching MPlayer, add these lines

-ass -embeddedfonts -fontconfig -sid 0

into the Preference > Miscellaneous > Additional Parameters of MPlayer. That’s for the subtitles to display properly and automatically. You can view more info about it at this Animesuki thread.

Alternatively, you can also go to perian.org and install Perian. You should then be able to play the file using Quicktime Player.

If, at the end of the road, nothing has helped you, you can try VLC, which has a reputation for always managing to play everything, but don’t do it unless you have to.

For Windows users: Download and install CCCP. This thing is maintained and updated regularly, and will cover any video codec you need to play. You will also need the right video player. CCCP comes bundled with the MediaPlayerClassic (MPC), which works consistently and comes highly recommended, but if you want something else then I personally recommend the free version of Zoom Player: I have found t to provide unparalleled function and usage, to the extent that I can’t even stand other free players anymore. However, it is no longer packaged with CCCP and can therefore be a bit harder to acquire.

What’s with the Archives tab?
If you’ve been wondering why you can access this page but cannot download, that is because for non-donors, that page is just a list of the Archives contents. That way, you can see what you’ll be getting for your money.

Yes, donations. What’s free for you, costs someone else. This site survives on donations, an admirable feat being undertaken more and more on various web sites. We are proud to provide boontan, but if you love the site, or even just like it, please donate occasionally so we can maintain it. Keeping the site online will always cost money. Donations are the most friendly way of getting it, but making paid for accounts is a constant threat if we cannot get enough. Our admins are all young folk: none of us have the resources to pay for it ourselves.

So, if I donate, do I get anything out of it?
Glad you asked. That long, tempting list of animes under the Archives tab? The ones that just seem to be there to taunt you? This is your reward for donations. After donating, a notice is sent to Starfi3ld. Your account will be upgraded automatically! This feature has finally been added, and you no longer need to wait for our estimable but sometimes busy admin to find time to do it manually. After donating, you will be directed to a page where you will enter your username and password. After doing so you will be re-directed to the archive page, now your oyster. There is always the potential for something to go wrong of course: see below for directions on reporting donor-related problems.

OK then, how much do I need to give?
Minimum donation amount is ten dollars. But if you can afford more, please do so, as we regularly fall far short of the required amounts each month. Your donors status, however, is permanent no matter how much you give.

I donated, now where are they? The Archive page looks the same!
It looks the same, but it is not. First of all, that useless list of anime titles has been transformed into links by the power of our appreciation for your money (another lovely new function by starfi3ld). But you will also see a row of gray tabs along the top, under the standard page links list. Four of them will take you to the four alphabetically organized partitions of the archive: A-G, H-M, N-S, and T-Z. There is also a Requests tab at the end: donors can directly request additions. It’s not a bad place to report missing episodes either.

I tried everything, I even read this stupid FAQ, and I still have a problem!
This can of course happen, but please first be sure you really have read ‘this stupid FAQ’. Once you have, however, the first question you must ask yourself is: does this problem require an admin or staff member, or could other users help me? If other users can help you, post it in the chatbox, and one will. However, if the problem does require an admin or staff member, do NOT post it in the chatbox. Because if your goal is to get their attention, that is easily your worst option. Odds are, by the time an admin comes along and checks out the latest chatbox posts, your own post will no longer be visible. The best way, by far, is to post your complaint as a comment under the latest non-review post(read ‘explanation of problem’ – a complaint is not only bad mannered but usually much less informative and, in turn, much harder to do something about). Comments on posts are forwarded as emails to the poster: They Will Hear You. If it is something that requires Black Waltz or Starfi3ld, and the post is not by one of them, the posting admin can pass it on. But if you can find a post by one of them, by all means skip the middle man.

I have an Archive/donator problem, or I am positive only starfi3ld can help!
All things related
to donations or the archives is starfi3ld’s domain, so all such issues should indeed go to him. If you don’t think you are being heard, you can use the post comment method mentioned above to ask another admin to pass it along. Things happen (for instance, your email winds up in spam, which other admins emails will not). As the one most familiar with the programming aspects of the site, it is possible you have a problem that will require his help. In either of these instances (use the second with caution: it’s a courtesy!) you can reach him at tboonyao[anti-sp@m)gmail.com. Now you know how. This is also where any petitions to join the staff should be made!

So, how are staff members chosen? Can I join?
Quite likely. I don’t believe we have a need for new uploaders at the moment, but it cannot hurt to check. In addition, just about every other position on the site can use new members! Primarily, at the moment, we are interested in reviewers (and possibly moderators). At the moment, I’m the only one, and I’m busy lately. Anyone interested in being a reviewer should send a petition and sample review to starfi3ld’s email, given above. Take a good look at the reviews already posted first, they will tell you what layout to use, and what information to include. He’ll forward your submission to me: I get to decide if I think your writing is up to snuff. If you are accepted, further instructions and corrections will be given. Good luck! Staff members get unconditional access to the Archives!

So…now what?
Download something or use the chatbox or whatever. Really, do I have to tell you everything?

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